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AQUAQUICK 2000 A very suitable Cleaning Agent For Oil Soaked Birds and Wildlife Treatment.

In 1998, at the Wattenmeer National Park, an oil spill of more than 100,000 liters killed 13 thousand birds. A biologist involved in the process of saving the wildlife that survived advised that it was better to kill rather than clean oil-soaked wildlife.

She stated that cleaning the oil-soaked birds could be as damaging to their immune system as the oil amassing in their internal organs. The animal biologist said that the best thing to do to oil-soaked birds is to kill them.

Even if all the oil is cleaned from their body, which might not be possible, it is almost certain the birds might still die a painful death probably as a result of the hard cleaning process it went through. Few, if any have a slim chance of surviving. This might sound like the opinion of a heartless, wildlife hater but according to research, the survival rate of oil-soaked birds released after going through cleaning processes is less than 1 percent. Some only survive for about seven days.

Oil spill causes serious damage to wildlife. On birds, it impacts their feathers. Oil mats down their feathers making it impossible to trap air and provide warmth for the birds. It reduces the bird’s ability and resilience to fly or float and increases the risk of drowning. It also affects the insulation quality of the feathers which might result in hypothermia. Birds affected drink less water and spent less time searching for food.

On mammals, it destroys the insulation of their fur which can result in hypothermia; it causes skin infections for mammals like dolphins who swim through the oil-spilled area and also causes eye irritation for mammals exposed to the oil spillage.

Some people consider capturing and scrubbing oil-soaked wildlife as a hopeless recommendation because it only increases the trauma and is extremely stressful on them and they eventually die. Most times the detergent used for the cleaning operation can cause severe side effects on them. Even the World Wildlife Funds WWF, agreed that cleaning oil-soaked wildlife is pointless.

So, do we just let our birds die? Watch helplessly as the existence of our wildlife is threatened. Is there a better and more effective solution to save oil-soaked wildlife without further endangering their lives? Is there any product available that is environmentally friendly and can help tackle this problem effectively?

Introducing; AQUAQUICK 2000

AQUAQUICK 2000 has been used by various industries in the world. It has been tested and approved by multiple research institutes.

AQUAQUICK 2000 is mostly sold to the oil industry where it is used as a cleaner and oil spill dispersant, but it has also been found to be very effective at cleaning oil from lots of wildlife animals such as birds, sea animals, and the like without harming them in any way.

Why use AQUAQUICK 2000 for wildlife treatment

Washing oil-soaked birds can be a very messy job to do. Capturing the bird and cleaning them can be very tedious especially if you are using an ineffective cleaning agent. Remembering that you have to be extremely gentle on the bird just makes the work more tiresome especially when the cleaning agent you are using is not as effective as you want it to be and you are left with scrubbing hard to get oil out of the feathers of the bird. It can hurt the creature.

For this purpose, you need a reliable, fast, and effective cleaning agent which you will find in AQUAQUICK 2000

It is a multi-purpose product that can be used to solve any problem you have regarding the removal of oil and grease from any surface – from human skin to birds to sea animals. It is extremely effective at removing oil and does not harm the skin of the birds.

It’s relatively easy to make use of and mild on the skin of the birds, making the cleaning process less tough on the oil-soaked bird or animal. The product has been found to be non-toxic to sea animals and does not corrode or irritate the human eyes or skin.

Process of Oil Removal from the skin of birds and other animals with AQUAQUICK 2000

  • An experienced veterinarian and biologist should give the bird a full examination. Oil-soaked birds often suffer from hypothermia. They are dehydrated from excessive preening to remove oil from their feathers. They must be stabilized and fed before going through any cleaning process.

  • Use AQUAQUICK 2000. Add a little percentage of the product to warm water and dip the bird into the mixture. The warmth of the water should be the same as the internal temperature of the bird. (the amount of water and AQUAQUICK 2000 used might depend on the size of the bird or sea animal and how badly oiled it is).

  • Let the mixture move into the bird’s feathers. Use a spray bottle that is filled with a mix of warm water and AQUAQUICK 2000 solution to wash the head.

  • Use a very soft brush and cotton to wipe away dried oil from the head area and around the eyes.

  • Put the bird in another tub of clean, warm water and AQUAQUICK 2000 solution once the first one is dirty. You might need to move the animal several times depending on how much oil is on its body and how big they are.

  • Rinse the bird thoroughly. Use warm water to rinse the detergent from the body. When the lather is all gone, place the bird under a pet dryer (not hair dryers, they tend to be too hot for aquatic animals and burn their skins).

  • The birds start preening their feathers. They rearrange their feathers into the proper alignment making it waterproof and also controlling their temperature.

  • You can test for waterproofing by placing the bird into a pool and checking for its alertness and ability to swim and float. Some birds might have to stay in rehab for a while so that you can monitor their performance

AQUAQUICK 2000 meets all the criteria established for a good cleaning agent. It has the ability to rapidly and effectively remove oil; it does not irritate or corrode the skin or eyes of the animal or the person doing the cleaning and can easily be rinsed. It is user and environmentally friendly. It has no health risks or side effects. AQUAQUICK 2000 doesn’t contain chemicals that can harm users. It is not flammable, toxic, or corrosive. Many research institutes and organizations have proven the safety and efficiency of AQUAQUICK 2000.

Unlike other cleaning agents, AQUAQUICK 2000 does not just displace, but biodegrades hydrocarbon with little effort in scrubbing and can be wiped off easily after usage. The nutrients in it quicken the development of micro-organism that helps in biodegrading oil spills in the environment.

Some use it as a cleaning water dispersant. It can be used as a fire extinguisher and can be used to clean up the dirt afterward. In the Food industry, AQUAQUICK 2000 is used as a hand sanitizer and cleaner and also used to clean food production areas. What’s more? It is energy-saving and cost-efficient. It is very economical and productive.

When you use AQUAQUICK 2000, you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost, transportation, efficiency, and storage of the products or the safety of the users as this is often the worry of most people. There are no special safety instructions or warnings to use AQUAQUICK 2000. If there is any contact with the eyes or skin, or maybe it was ingested, just flush it with water. It is completely safe so that no one can be hurt by it in any way.

AQUAQUICK 2000 has no expiration date. If left unused for a long time, some settlement may occur, shaking the product makes it as good as new. It contains its own preservatives that keep it safe to use for as long as possible. It can be used anywhere and under any conditions.

Saving the environment starts with saving the animals that live it in. With a thoughtful and innovative invention such as the AQUAQUICK 2000, we can achieve this seemingly impossible feat.

Why use AQUAQUICK 2000?

AQUAQUICK 2000 is the most suitable cleaning agent when it comes to cleaning oils, fats, fuels, minerals, etc. The AQUAQUICK 2000 product has been around for many decades and holds a large number of accreditations, showcases, user testimonials, and lab results. AQUAQUICK 2000 is a product that stands out far from solutions that are offered by competitors.

When it comes to contamination, you’re completely aware that it contains chemicals, oils, and sewage in the barrier. You have to ensure that it’s well-maintained and safe for users and the environment. During these maintenance sessions, AQUAQUICK 2000 will have a great result that often leads to a reduction of hours to clean it as well as a reduction in cost.

AQUAQUICK 2000 is well known for many decades and trusted by many companies and cleaning experts around the world. Therefore, look no further if you need to clean the engine parts in a cost-effective and efficient manner. With AQUAQUICK 2000 as your cleaning agent, you are guaranteed a safe, effective, and cost-efficient cleaning solution.

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