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Origins and Innovations at TKF

The story of AQUAQUICK2000 products begins with the establishment of TKF (Twentsche Krijt Fabriek) in 1957. Initially renowned for producing a diverse range of chalk types, including school board chalk and textile marking chalk, the company's creative prowess shone through innovations like the distinctive yellow coating on school board chalk, a creation attributed to Henri de Vries.

GARBOSOL: A Global Breakthrough

One of the company's notable inventions was GARBOSOL, a patented textile marking chalk celebrated for its water-solubility. GARBOSOL swiftly gained global acclaim, finding its way into various markets. As the demand for ecologically sound cleaning solutions escalated, Henri de Vries, the visionary inventor, joined forces with the University of Twente. Their collaboration led to the birth of AQUAQUICK 2000 in 1988—a product designed to meet both environmental and user-friendly criteria.

Rigorous Testing and Environmental Assurance

AQUAQUICK products underwent rigorous testing and analysis at numerous independent international research institutes, bolstering their credibility and safety profile. The multitude of approvals and certifications garnered over time underscores the products' steadfast commitment to safeguarding both the environment and end-users.

AQUAQUICK's Market Leadership

Since 1998, AQUAQUICK 2000 has solidified its position as a market leader in the Netherlands, notably within the Dutch Fire Brigades, where it plays a pivotal role in cleaning road surfaces post-oil spills. AQUAQUICK's success is underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of physical and biological processes, enabling the creation of microemulsions and the facilitation of hydrocarbon biodegradation.

Founder Henri de Vries

For a deeper dive into the remarkable journey of entrepreneur Henri de Vries, including his pivotal role in the creation of AQUAQUICK 2000, a fascinating account awaits you. Henri de Vries has been an integral part of numerous remarkable ventures, and his contributions extend to the development of AQUAQUICK 2000.

Discover more about the history of Henri de Vries through the engaging History Presentation, where the evolution of AQUAQUICK 2000 unfolds alongside his other significant adventures. To delve into his inspiring story, take a look at the video or visit the link below:

The History of Inventor Henri de Vries - AquaQuick Global B.V.

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