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AQUAQUICK 2000 SP is manufactured by AQUAQUICK GLOBAL. It is a product that besides being user-friendly, is also a completely eco-friendly oil cleaning solution. Using the AQUAQUICK 2000 SP you will learn that it is very suitable to clean and remove all mineral, animal, vegetable, and synthetic oils and grease hydrocarbon). You no longer need to struggle to clean the surface using strong chemicals that may potentially affect your health and the safety of the environment, such as animals, plants, trees, and other elements of nature.

Unlike our other product AQUAQUICK 2000, AQUAQUICK 2000 SP does not accelerate the biodegrading of hydrocarbon pollution. AQUAQUICK 2000 SP is considered as fast splitting degreaser/surfactant, which has been developed for situations, wastewater is drained into the sewage system or environment whilst using a grease separator.

While the use of grease or oil separator takes place. AQUAQUICK 2000 SP has been tested as well as approved by TUV in Germany. AQUAQUICK 2000 SP has the TUV certification for fast-splitting cleansers according to German regulations. AQUAQUICK 2000 SP is a friendly solution for all types of cleaning applications.

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